Donate Today!

Thank you to everyone who supported my Indiegogo campaign.  I am humbled by the community's continued support of me and my work.  While the funds raised through these efforts will help with some of our pre-production costs, we still have a significant amount of funds that need to be raised for this project. 

By asking you to support my work, I am not just asking you to help me make my films, I am asking you to make a statement about the kind of films that you want to support, and the kind of films that you want to see.

For over 40 years, I’ve worked as an independent filmmaker, fighting tooth-and-nail to tell personal stories that I feel passionate about. YETUT LIJ is no different.

Under my companies Negod Gwad Productions and Mypheduh Films, Inc. respectively, I have produced and distributed, such critically-acclaimed and award-winning films as, TEZA, SANKOFA, ASHES & EMBERS, BUSH MAMA and the Cannes Classic, HARVEST 3000 YEARS.

I made these high-value, low-budget films by applying skills that I developed during my film school days at UCLA, where I worked alongside other independent filmmakers of color, like Charles Burnett, Billy Woodberry and Larry Clark.

The historical circumstances that we found ourselves in, at that time in 1960's America, forced us to be creative and innovative with our production techniques. To make films that we could claim as our own, stories that reflected our own cultural accents, we had to learn how to operate outside of the commercial and mainstream institutions.

Do your homework. Watch my past films, and those of my contemporaries. Then, decide for yourself, whether or not our work warrants your support. Just know that we cannot continue to create these films without you.